Monday, February 13, 2012

Nokia N900 review

A cracking effort from Nokia let down hugely by a resistive touch screen. The chaps over in Finland will tell you that the Nokia N900 is not a successor to the N97. It's an internet tablet, the flagship N-series is a phone. But with its touch screen skills, QWERTY pad, smart phone OS and stellar connectivity this really does look like the sequel to the year-old N97. 

So how does it stack up? Read our full Nokia N900 review now for our verdict. The main buzz about the Nokia N900 has centered on its operating system. Instead of the aging Symbian S60 OS found in all Nokia's top end blowers, Espoo has opted for Maemo 5 instead. And we're pleased to say the results, as far as the OS is concerned, are every bit as good as we hoped. Maemo 5 is a far more intuitive OS than S60 and certainly edges out the N97 for ease of use. The menus are clear and straight forward, so you won't spend ages rooting around for what you want when you need it. It feels way more powerful too, with the Nokia N900 dealing with multitasking at lightning speed. Open more than one app or web page and you'll get all your tabs and program me info in one handy window. It's every bit as neat as the multitasking on the Palm Pre. 

The Nokia N900 also has a stunning status bar for IM and the fact you can add Face book and RSS contacts easily, just like on the Nokia 5800, is a move which shows this is far more than an internet tablet: it’s a smart phone with social networking on the brain.

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