Sunday, November 13, 2011

Construction of Remote Controlled Airplane

There are a lot of ways to construct a remote controlled airplane. Different kits are available for designing a RC plane. Cost and performance of RC plane is depend on the way of construction. Normally kits are made of foam or plastic or balsa wood. For the construction of fuselage formers and longerons are used. For wings and tail surfaces normally spars and ribs are used. Solid sheets of wood also sometimes used for structure construction. For heavy RC airplane construction a composite wing consisting of expanded polystyrene core covered by the safety veneer of wood is used. If we want to make remote controlled airplane for windless environment, the lightest models are most preferable. 

Types of Remote Controlled Airplane

Although all the aviation airplanes models are not possible to build in realistic but the scientists are using aeromodeling to give it a possible replicate full-scale aircraft model. Its main purpose is to test the future aviation designs, to realize the limitaions of making a proposed aircraft. Normally remote controlled aircrafts are lighter (even lighter than the air) than the aviation aircrafts. It can also make as the heavier than the air (wing glider/sail plane), fixed-wing single or multiple, multiple engine or rotary wing aircraft (autogyros/ helicopters).

The most interesting thing for remote controlled airplanes builders is that they are capable of making a controllable mini aircraft that almost look like full scale original aircraft. For desigining a full scale aircraft one need to consider about detailed cockpit, operable cable connected flight control surfaces, fixing landing gear etc. But these need not to be considered as making remote controlled airplane.

Remote Controlled Airplanes

A remote controlled airplanes or RC Plane is controlled remotely by a hand-made transmitter and a receiver within the aircraft. The main use of the receiver is to adjust controls of the corresponding servos (a small device that has a three phase DC motor, a gear, an IC or Integrated Circuit, a potentiometer and a shaft bearing) that run the control surfaces depend on the position of joysticks of the transmitter. Flying remote control aircraft has become a hobby of the worldwide people. There is a wide variety of models and styles are available for RC planes. Experiments and researches are made nowadays for using more efficient motors, low cost maintenance more fuel efficient internal combustion or jet engines, lighter and more effective batteries and more powerful radio systems. The most important thing is that scientific, military, government and non government organizations are trying to use remote control airplanes for experiments, defense system, weather forecasting and even use these RC planes as spy planes or drones.