Thursday, August 30, 2012

Online Pet Shop Singapore Review

The Little Black Paws is just simply a great shopping experience! Prices are great! 
but could be better.. I'm loving the design for the web site and The Little Black Paws brand logo.  
As a new customer, I am impressed with the friendly and efficient service. 
The website is colourful and easy to navigate. 
There are numerous choices with regard to dog foods, especially as I have two picky eaters. The price point is much more competitive than
 my local pet store who takes 3-4 days to deliverThe shopping interface is great and really easy
 to use. Love the tips, advice and info. given on the blog!! The service was excellent and Maxine
 was extremely friendly and approachable. Great job guys. I'm sure to be shopping again with The
 Little Black Paws reeeal soon. All the best! Little Black Paws offers the best online deals of any
 online pet shop, We are mainly a supplier for Singapore but we can ship anywhere. Check out the
 online pet shop Singapore.